Importance of doctor-patient communication

The Patient’s health outcome depends on efficiently communicating his ailments to the Physician. The completeness of the information will enhance the possibility of a quick and accurate diagnosis. United States of America, Sweden and Norway, where medical facilities are par excellence, consultation time is about 15-20 minutes compared to India, where it is hardly 2 […]

Explainable and inquisitive AI model for healthcare

MedBeat HealthConnect is an innovative application that utilizes advanced AI technology to assist patients in providing accurate and relevant information about their symptoms to healthcare professionals. Unlike conventional AI models, MedBeat HealthConnect is an open and explainable system, developed to ensure transparency and trustworthiness. In this article, we will explore how Medbeat HealthConnect functions, the […]

Trust in AI for medical diagnosis

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the field of medical diagnostics is flourishing and has been appreciated by the medical fraternity. AI can aid in clinical decisions and hastens the Doctor’s judgement. Accurate diagnosis is fundamental to the healthcare system. A notable percentage of outpatients do not receive proper treatment in time because of incorrect […]

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