MedBeat HealthConnect Plus

For Medical Institutions like Hospitals, Clinics and for TeleMedicine. 
Streamlining Consultations, Enhancing Diagnostics and Improving Patient Experience


Streamline Consultations

With limited time and large number of patients, the medical institutions are hard pressed for time.

MedBeat HealthConnect Plus streamlines consultations by acting as a Digital Avatar of a Junior Doctor and uses AI to revolutionize patient assessment.

Patient Interaction

Using Technology to take Patient Details, Medical History, etc. in the patient’s native language

Digital Avatar of a Junior Doctor

Asking patients relevant questions related to their symptoms 

Quick Understanding

Enables healthcare providers to understand patient's condition within 30 seconds

Medical Summary Generation

Recommends relevant investigations.

Differential Diagnosis

Based on the Medical Summary generated, our AI engine throws up possible differential diagnosis.

Holistic Understanding

Provides a complete view of the patient's condition.


Improve Diagnostic Accuracy

Instead of spending time on actual diagnosis, the medical practitioners time is often spent on taking histories. In addition, Patients often forget to share their symptoms or give partial details of their medical history.

MedBeat HealthConnect Plus asks patients questions relevant to their symptoms in a systematic manner.

It provides a detailed medical summary of the patients with differential diagnosis and possible tests required. The clinicians then can spend time in physical examination and diagnosing the underlying medical issues.


Improve Patient Satisfaction

Using MedBeat HealthConnect Plus, the institution can seriously enhance the patient experience.

Using AI, MedBeat HealthConnect Plus, helps the medical institutions to create a systematic medical diagnosis plan. The App helps in creating the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan) note, the widely recognized way for healthcare workers to document in a structured and organized way.

Enhance Patience Experience

Reduce wait time using technology. Take Detailed summaries


Create a systematic medical diagnosis plan, that helps organise and structure patient visits.

Improving Patient Trust

Offering a treatment plan keeping all symptoms in mind in a digital format, adds to patient trust.

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