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MedBeat HealthConnect

With limited time and large number of patients, the medical institutions are hard pressed for time. MedBeat HealthConnect streamlines Appoinment, consultations by acting as a Digital Avatar of a Junior Doctor and uses AI to revolutionize patient assessment.

At Just ₹10 Per Patient You Get:

WhatsApp AI-enabled

With MedBeat HealthConnect, you get an AI-enabled WhatsApp number which asks questions, book appointments & keep records.

Junior Doctor AI-enabled

With MedBeat HealthConnect, digital Avatar of Junior Doctor will ask accurate questions with zero deviation.

Recommends Test AI-enabled

After the summary generation, MedBeat HealthConnect guides for tests required after summary generation.

Appointment Booking

With MedBeat HealthConnect, your patients can book appointment on WhatsApp without any human intervention.

Payment Handeling

With MedBeat HealthConnect, your patients can seamlessly pay for your appoinment using either cash or online.

Medical History

Our Chotbot has ability to let patient upload past medical history which makes it easier for you to access medical records.

e-Prescription New

With MedBeat HealthConnect, patients get automatically generated e-Prescription which is easily readable.

Digital Marketing New

MedBeat HealthConnect Helps you to reach your patients effortlessly with it's optimized integrated Digital marketing service.

Video Conferencing New

You can now easily connect online through Video Conferencing to your patients effortlessly.

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How It Works

Reasons to Use

Reduce Costs

Save on hiring receptionists and junior doctors for basic tasks.

Increase Revenue

Streamline Summaries, Bookings and Payments leading to higher patient satisfaction.

Save Time

Reduce clinic wait times by 25% and free up valuable time for higher-level consultations.

Boost Efficiency

Spend more time on complex cases and delivering personalized care.

Quick Understanding

Enables healthcare providers to understand patient's condition within 30 seconds


Create a systematic medical diagnosis plan, that helps organise and structure patient visits.

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