Trust in AI for medical diagnosis

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the field of medical diagnostics is flourishing and has been appreciated by the medical fraternity. AI can aid in clinical decisions and hastens the Doctor’s judgement.

Accurate diagnosis is fundamental to the healthcare system. A notable percentage of outpatients do not receive proper treatment in time because of incorrect diagnosis.

In recent years, AI has emerged as a powerful tool for assisting in medical diagnosis. This technology could revolutionise healthcare outcomes by providing a more precise diagnosis in less time.

We believe that with the amalgamation of AI and health professionals, the chances of error will significantly be reduced. This is why we are using AI healthcare Model only to assess the symptom and generate a medical summary for the Doctor. Globally the use of AI in the healthcare system is increasing, and it can provide the scale for countries like India.

MedBeat HealthConnect uses an explainable model, which can be trusted to ask you the right questions.

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