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Dr. Palash Gupta is an internationally trained and experienced joint replacement surgeon. Dr. Palash is redefining the way you receive medical care. Specializing in knee, shoulder, and ankle surgeries, Dr. Gupta leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure you get the best treatment with minimal hassle.

Currently practicing at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute with 17 years of experience, including working at Max Healthcare, Dr. Gupta is renowned for his exceptional skills and patient-centric approach.


Knee Replacement

Advanced surgical techniques to restore knee function and relieve chronic pain.

Knee Arthritis

Comprehensive treatment plans for managing and alleviating arthritis symptoms in the knee.

Ankle Joint Replacement

Innovative procedures to replace and improve ankle joint mobility.

Hip Replacement

Expert surgical intervention to replace damaged hip joints and restore movement.

Shoulder Joint

State-of-the-art techniques for shoulder joint replacement, enhancing shoulder mobility.

Elbow Joint Replacement

Precision surgery to replace elbow joints and improve functionality.

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Just send a simple "Hello Dr. Palash" on WhatsApp, and let our smart chatbot handle the rest.

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Reduced Wait Times

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