Importance of doctor-patient communication

The Patient’s health outcome depends on efficiently communicating his ailments to the Physician. The completeness of the information will enhance the possibility of a quick and accurate diagnosis.

United States of America, Sweden and Norway, where medical facilities are par excellence, consultation time is about 15-20 minutes compared to India, where it is hardly 2 minutes. Consultation time is for getting the required details from a patient about his illness. But doctors in India are hard-pressed for a time due to the poor doctor-patient ratio. Patient load is exorbitant in Out Patient Department in government hospitals and the private sector. Even in the best private hospitals, the Doctor hardly spends this much time with the patients.

Besides, the patients are not well prepared to communicate effectively in this little time and often forget to tell much information, which might be important in making the diagnosis.

Another critical issue could be language. Some patients are comfortable communicating with others in their mother tongue, so they might not be able to converse appropriately with the Doctor.

Because of these fundamental issues, there can be a communication gap between the Doctor and the Patient, which may cause missing out on some relevant details, thus hampering the accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment.

With the use of AI, we mimic the way doctors will ask the relevant questions. Patients can answer these questions, which are in their language, also in the comfort of their home, and if required, can take the help of their family members. He can answer the questions in his language, and we will generate the medical summary of his illness for the Doctor in English using medical terminology.

With the help of the App, we intend to improve patient-doctor communication and thus the Patient health outcome.

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